Northwood Cricket Club News story

Important Update from Chairman to members about cricket and operations for matches and at NCC

10 Jul 2020



Cricket matches are returning on Saturday 11th July initially being a Friendly under ECB guidance and then we are expecting (still awaiting final details) the league to commence on Saturday 18th July probably playing everyone once but with no promotion or relegation.


The purpose of this note is to provide guidance to the new regulations and procedures that your committee have agreed and are putting in place for everyone’s safety.  There is a link at the foot of the note that if you click on the links provides the full details which I encourage you all to read after reading Northwood’s proposals and a brief summary in line with those.


The summary of playing is :-


-          Turn up changed for cricket, leave changed.

-          Rules remain the same but two lines will be painted each side of the strip for the batsman to run up and down and thus remaining two meters apart from other players.

-          The two meter Social distancing still must happen on the playing arena with the exception of the wicketkeeper who may stand up to the stumps and the slips who are allowed to be one meter apart.  The 2 meter rule includes on taking a wicket, drinks breaks, etc

-          No saliva or sweat on the ball

-          Sanitise hands before the game and after each 6 overs. The club will provide a large dispenser to ensure everyone can use it.  The ball will also be wiped at the same time.

-          No sweaters or items to be passed to the umpires. Umpires to replace bails and they must not touch the ball at any time. The ball should be placed at the foot of the stumps if need be e.g fall of a wicket.  Umpires cannot share coats.

-          Scorers must be allowed to have the same two meters minimum distancing.  The scoreboard control will need to be wiped when passed over.

-          Drinks breaks , bring your own drink.

-          You need to bring your own teas , no food can be served.

-          You are encouraged to go to away grounds in your own car if you have one, or can be given a lift by a parent /partner etc.  The Captains /selection committee need to know those that will need a lift, so arrangements can be made.  If that entails sitting diagonally opposite in the back seat with a mask on , then please have the curtesy to respect the driver’s wishes.


In addition the following Ground arrangements will be in place :-

Ground arrangements

-          No use of Changing rooms or Showers are permitted


-          The pavilion will not be available for anyone other than opening/closing up , the bar person and one person to obtain anything like scorebooks and balls.


-          Nets are operating on a booked system (still four people in the only net) for mid week.  The net needs to be locked during match time as controls cannot be in place at that time.


-          Toilet will have a one way system – In through the away changing room , one at a time in the toilets (waiting by the away changing room door to the corridor) and then out through the home changing room.  The doors will be left open , please do not touch handles etc. Ladies will be allowed to use the ladies in the pavilion going in and out through the main door where wipes will be available to clean the handles used.


-          Bar-  Drinks will be served from the Kitchen window onto the veranda.  Payment to be made by card please although cash will be taken (reluctantly) for any youngster without a card.  We will be supplying bottles and cans initially with a plastic glass.  Please keep your ‘glass’ if possible if you have more than one drink and please dispose of all glass bottles in the bottle bank in the car park and plastic bottles in the Green bin in the car park.  Bear in mind if you leave them lying about , someone has to pick them up after your use and why should they be put at that risk.  The home side will man the bar , suggested in one hour sessions as cleansing / wiping will be needed on each change.  Please can you all realise to make this work , you may need to take your turn, where possible. 


-          Social distancing – Whether you are concerned about the risk of contamination or not , be considerate to everyone else who are.  Everyone must be two meters apart, before during and after the game, unless you are from the same family bubble.  


-          Subs / Match fees – All subs should now be paid please. My thanks to the large proportion of our members that have already paid.,  We are reducing the match fee acknowledging no teas but also as an effective discount of your sub.  However we have much increased costs of each game due to the sanitiser (which is expensive and is being bought for you when it is suggested each player brings their own) , other cleaning materials, reduced bar revenue and extra cleaners.  The fee will therefore be £6 (£4 for juniors / unemployed). However if an Adult fancies paying £10, partly a donation then it would be very welcomed. If playing at Northwood , please pay by card , if playing away please pay by cash, preferably bringing the right money to help with change !!!   


Two final points – Please respect these procedures and points , it is for the health and wellbeing of all.  Lastly if you have a query or point regarding this , please reply to me, but do not reply to all, causing unnecessary e mail traffic.


Enjoy your cricket whether playing or watching …..safely.


Keith Watson