Northwood Cricket Club News story

Cricket week acknowledgements

23 Jul 2018

Another successful cricket week that only happens with the significant efforts from various :-


Sandra and Judy who hold the whole catering together and without whom cricket week would simply not happen. The hours put in are simply amazing and we are so grateful 


The various ladies plus Nick and even big Toonee for their help with the lunches. 


Webbie for organising the bar , bar staff and anything that goes wrong.


Jerry for organising teams, bringing his team, umpiring, sorting the pavilion each morning and being security overnight !!!


Akshit for stocking the bar with bottles each day


Chloe , Holly and Ruth for manning (or womaning the bar).


Mobo (Head of evenings) , Doug , Ann , Dan , Murph , Nick, Nilesh for sorting the evening food.


Dennis for his morning cleaning of the pavilion each day


The President for numerous items including hosting his day and providing sustenance for the morning workers.


Doug for covering many avenues


Paul Reeve for lots and his work on the outfield filling in many of the crevices 


Peter and Brenda Knowles who travel down to cricket week each year and help out


Chris Rodgers for his tireless advice.


Ram and Nigel for sorting players and general tiding 


Stewie for numerous tasks including locking up each night


Pam and Mike for their garden work and their constant attendance


Alan Kay for his scoring , I cant start to quantify the value of that


Ian for umpiring.


My sincere apologies for not acknowledging those that I've missed and if you haven't been a volunteer whnot , this club is run by volunteers , join in , don't wait to be asked !!!  


Thanks to all the club members that played or turned up to support their club during the days or evenings.  This week is the envy of most other clubs who couldn't contemplate having one , we should be rightly proud of that , thanks all , same time next year everyone ?




Keith Watson