Northwood Cricket Club 4th XI squad

4th XI

Captain : Jerry Laxton

Batsman, Wicketkeeper, Umpire

Vice Captain : Adrian Pearce

Vice Captain : Adam Bailey

Amey Madkaikar
'A terrific batsman for the U15, he has the technical ability like England opening batsman Alastair Cook, with his favourite shot being the intentional leave. Unfortunately, whilst opening against MTSCC, it was this leave that led to his downfall (bowled), whilst he was batting not out, 1 run away from his best score'. Amey Madkaikar
Martin Mendelssohn
Much misunderstood bowler whose years of playing membership exceed number of overs bowled for Northwood. Notable strike rate ( mainly Northwood players ) , but rarely sufficient runs on the board to justify prolonged spells. Low nets have held back progress over the years. 3 maidens over 40 years remains a blot on otherwise enterprising approach.In recent years , inspired captaincy from Dicko has meant more meaningful action , but usually in interests of speedy conclusion to a losing cause.Also bats.
Keith Wallis
Youth Section Manager
Performance history