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2019 Availability

09 Apr 2019


   Hope you all well  and  also hoping in your own way getting ready for 2019 season!!

Only 2 weeks are left to start of new  season and we are beginning  with a 3 days weekend on 20th April.


This season  would  be to continue to  build momentum for integrating  Colts with Adult cricket and build towards a conveyor belt for 1st team. This year, we will  have last season's 15+  Colts, a year older with more muscle power and maturity  and as well as fresh batch of U13 Colts  ready to integrate adult cricket.  


We  have nearly 100 active players to manage 44 on Saturday and 11 on Sunday with 112+ fixtures till September end.   In order to run these fixtures  smoothly and efficiently  and at same time managing every player's their personal aspiration  and  recreational pleasures,  please could I very kindly request your 3 help:-

  1. Please update your availability on website and as more importantly your unavailability. All of you should have access to website. If you can't remember login details, you can reset password yourself and request login details. ( Click on Forgot Password on top right corner of the screen)
  2. After your game, please come back to clubhouse and/or stay back  for socialise. It will not only give club and but also yourself a chance to share and appreciate your excitement and  trepidation  which you faced during your  game. Otherwise club will become like Hillingdon council  run Leisure Centre. We have various above par facilities in the clubhouse  to improve your evening enjoyment like,  wide-range of beverages, pool table &  Mobo's BBQ / can order a curry/pizza from local restaurants.
  3. As an adult playing member,  not only yourself, but also  encourage  and  educate Colts to follow the Club's Code & Conduct. In this stone-age of internet  and constantly changing social environment, it is quite important we need to look after our Colts. Club must be safe and right  place to enjoy their cricket.

There are 2 more Wednesday left for indoors nets  and then it  moved to outdoor.


  • Age is no barrier. It’s a limitation you put on your mind.
  • The key is not the will to win. Everybody has that. It is the will to prepare to win that is important


Many Thanks for your continued support.