Northwood Cricket Club News story

2020 NCC Cricket Tour

27 Feb 2020

Hi Everyone,

I have arranged a tour this year to the Isle of Wight. Dates are Monday 15th to Thursday 18th JUNE.


Playing Ventnor (minor Counties ground) , Island Bakeries, Newclose and NORTHWOOD


This is likely to be a very well attended tour, I certainly hope it is. Feedback from our hosts has been great, and Im looking forward to meeting and playing against them.


I have already reserved doubles and family rooms at Travelodge in Newport. This is fairly central, and it makes getting to anywhere in the Island easy. The Travelodge has a bar, and does food. The week before we go is the Isle of Wight festival, and, being summer, IOW gets booked up very quickly. Ive therefore reserved the rooms – 17 in total for each night - at expected occupancy of 2 or 3 per room. This gives us a maximum capacity of around 42 I reckon. With those numbers, price per head should be about £38 per person, per night. This is exceptional value for the Island, where some of the private hotels are charging £60+ in summer. Travelodge are all en-suite, double beds, TV/wifi etc.   Here’s a link… good reviews too.


I have arranged and ordered a minibus to take us to the matches. Sponsored by Complete Fire Protection, who are very nice chaps indeed.


What I now need is         A) Confirmation from tourers as soon as you are able to please. Lets sort out payment later.

B) YOU – the tourer need to book a ferry to the Island. Its either on Red Funnel or Wight Link Ferries. Neither is desperately cheap, but its cheaper to do it NOW than leave it till the last minute. Theres a link here;-                              

                                                C) YOU to book off those dates and work out if you want to share, and with whom.                       


Please advise soonest. ALL are welcome, of all abilities from all our teams, and WAGS especially. You don’t have to be there for all 4 games, but its always better if you are. You may not play all games, but if not, theres plenty to do on the Island, and it’s a foodies paradise.


Previous tours become legendary – take a look at our gallery, and become a legend too.


Look forward to hearing from you soon.


Kind regards,                                                  


Richard Mackey