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Northwood Cricket Club's 80 years of scoresheets with over 4000 fixtures are online now!

04 Jan 2022

Hi All,
 Happy New Year! Hope you all are doing well.
Since the club started recording scoresheets on the website in 2012, one of the challenges  was how to migrate all past scorebooks into the website.
Currently, our website doesn't show a true reflection of performances of past and current Legends of NCC. This deprives the current generation of players to gain inspiration from NCC Legend's past exceptional performances, to show potential  new members  how much noteworthy history and traditions our club has and to show their daughter/sons/partner how much they have enjoyed a game of cricket in the past.

This challenge of migrating scoresheets  still remains  due to the amount of time & effort it requires. However, we have managed to do the next best solution to tackle this. We have now scanned all the pre-website score sheets which are in the clubhouse's loft  and uploaded it on the website. What this means is that the history of the club is no longer consigned to the murky corners of a cold, dark and hard-to-access attic.  Around 80 years of score sheets with over 4000 fixtures are now easily accessible online.

  • We can assure you that when you go through 1938 to 2000s, it is like  binge watching a box-set of never-ending seasons of NCC with multiple storylines spanning across many generations e.g. it ranges from the  various styles of scoring  from the teenager Jerry Laxton/R Laxton in 70's  to the cursive handwriting from Peter Green, to  Judith Knowles and Alan Kay's clean and colourful lettering, to the sparkly gel pens of H Lewis to various  player's journeys: 
    •   Latchman brothers dominated in 70's 
    •   Ranjit Latchman has continued to score for  over 50 years 
    •   The journey of young Daniel Rodgers becoming a prolific batsman from late 80's to early 90's 
    •  Dennis Cave's exceptional bowling for almost 2 decades, 
    •   How the numerous Knowles brothers played in 90s  , 
    •  We still wonder how the grubby but effective  batting technique of  Keith Watson accumulated so many runs  and arguably becoming the highest runs  scorer in the club history
    • How Stephen Hussey dominated the 80's/90's , 
    • How Steve Dickson always seems to be an underrated player. 
    • How current 1st XI player Stuart Reeve started his journey in 2000s from 3rd XI ( 5th XI in today's standard))
    • There are many  other NCC legend's storylines which you can follow with the likes of Barry Miller, Harry Green, Richard Pamplin, Paul Reeve, Peter Frost, Steve Lewis, Keith Knowles, Richard Mackey, Nigel Hussey, P.K. Merali to name a few.  
You will also see the pattern of fixtures played,  Clubs that don't exist any more or the fixtures we are still playing, the fact that we have always played Chorleywood in April and also keep an eye on the number of times  NCC batted first..

Technical details: Pages are scanned in searchable PDF format,   you should be able to search a word in a file, but we haven't  made any technological advances yet  to decrypt various types of handwriting. If you are lucky, it can sometimes recognise the partial word from handwriting.  Printed words are easily searchable . Files are split into parts due to file size restriction of the website.

  The  website link is   HERE